John's amateur radio pages

After quite a lot of years of being off the air (2 November 1993 to 2 September 2007, according to the logbook!), I decided it was time to get going with amateur radio again.

I was licensed in 1978 as GM8OTI, have always been interested in 'homebrew' equipment (I'm a physicist, after all!) and at last am back on air again.

My interests are homebrew, antennas and portable operating, and I have started to activate some summits for SOTA; I also quite like to chew the rag on air with others - have realised I'm a bit of an oldtimer!

Now that I have 10GHz equipment working, and as I have found out how to do overlays for Google Maps, I have added a log page for 10GHz contacts.

I sometimes put some photos of SOTA summit activations on a Flickr page.

When first licensed I intended to move up to microwave frequencies and have finally started to get there! I am enjoying home brew microwave construction very much; for me it's a great challenge to see what I can do with the minimum of (mostly home brew) test equipment, and I have started to write up my experiences for Practical Wireless in the hope of encouraging others to have a go. It's one of the parts of amateur radio that is still a bit like the early days!



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